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your pleasure is sacred.

You know there is more. More to experience in your earthly body – More pleasure, more love, more peace, more expansion, more freedom, more joy. You’re not here to pay bills and die, your here to live life and thrive! 

How I went from numb to orgasmic

I spent my teenage years and the first half of my 20's having pretty average sex... I often felt super self-conscious and I didn't actually know what I wanted. Sex was always over in a flash and the only way I could really ever experience any kind of pleasure was...

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What it means to be sexually liberated in modern culture.

  What do you think/feel when you hear the words Sexual Liberation?   For me, it used to be a trigger. Mixed emotions, confusion. What comes to mind for me is our current hook up culture, a generation of folks giving away their precious sexual energy freely with no...

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