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Hey, I’m Tegan.

The short version of my Bio is that I am a Sex Coach (still in training, almost qualified!)

Professionally, my background is in Health and Fitness. I was a personal trainer and health coach for a few years until the long hours got the better of me. I knew I was here to help women in some way but it wasn’t this way, so I went on a bit of a soul searching mission to figure out what my true magic was.

I am also a trained sex educator now studying to become a Sex Coach majoring in Female Sexuality and Jade Egg. 

That’s the short, light version. If you want the scoop on my dark back story, click here 

I support women who feel stressed out, numb and disconnected from their sexuality, their sacredness and radiance.  That which is also her vitality, her creativity, her true power. 

I support women in flowering.

Living from her pleasure aligned with her passions.  This is a woman coming home to herself and to her power. You may be thinking…Why Pleasure? How is that so radical and life-changing?

Like me a few years ago I didn’t quite get this whole “sexual empowerment, pussy magic thing” until I started to flower. Than I got it, bigtime. The truth is, a lot of women are shut off from their sacred pleasure, sensuality and the deep wisdom their bodies hold.  Over the course of our lives we become desensitized and numbed out, living life in our heads which leaves us feeling stressed, unsatisfied, depressed.  Disconnected from the truth of who we really are.

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